Experience the Destinations

Experiencing the destinations first hand is important to understand what they have to offer.
Therefore buyers are invited to join shorter fam-trips to all three countries:
Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands, either pre or post the Vestnorden event.
For 2019 we offer one pre-tour to Greenland and one to the Faroe Islands and a post tour to Iceland.


Pre Tours

The Pre Tours take place before Vestnorden begins. The tour to Greenland starts on
tuesday September 17 and the tour on Faroe Islands starts on saturday September 21.

Faroe Islands

Unspoilt Nature and Unforgettable Highlights

  • Date: September 21-23

  • Min/Max person:  8/20

  • Time: Departure at 1230
    Location: Copenhagen Airport to the Faroe Islands
    Airline: Atlantic Airways

  • Price: 1.500DKK

Detailed Info & Photos


Destination Artic Circle Greenland

  • Date: September 17

  • Min/Max person: 4 / 10

  • Time: Departure at 11
    Location: Copenhagen Airport to Kangerlussuaq
    Airline: Air Greenland

  • Return: September 23
    Location: From Kangerlussuaq International Airport to Copenhagen
    Airline: Air Greenland

  • Price: 3.500DKK

  • What to bring: Warm clothes and hiking boots

Detailed Info & Photos

Post Tour

The Post Tour to Iceland takes place after Vestnorden ends, on September 26.


  • Date: September 26th – 29th 

  • Min/Max person: 8 / 20

  • Departure Copenhagen
    September 26th
    Time: 14:25 Arrival in Keflavik Airport at 15:35

  • Return: Keflavík Airport to Copenhagen
    Day:  September 29th
    Time:  7:45 Arrival in Copenhagen at 12:55

  • Price (if any):  ISK 20.000 (DKK 1.250)

  • What´s Included
    Lunch x2
    Dinner x2
    Accommodation x3
    Flights to and from Copenhagen
    domestic transportation according to the program

  • What to bring:
    Swimsuits,  Outdoor clothing (we recommend:
    Please note that the schedule may wary due to weather conditions (if applicable)

Detailed Info & Photos