About Tórshavn

As one of the smallest capitals in the world, everything in Tórshavn is easy. Forget traffic-clogged highways, forget crowds of people, forget fighting for a seat on the bus. Here, we live life as it should be lived.
With plenty of space and clean, fresh air, there’s a real sense of well-being in the Faroese capital. This is the sort of place where people still have time for each other, where people are concerned about each other and where life moves at a civilised pace.
Today, Tórshavn is a modern and cosmopolitan town which has its highly individual location in the middle of the North Atlantic to thank for its very special charm and appeal. We’ve got excellent hotels and restaurants, modern European-style cafés and bars, great arts exhibitions, top-notch sporting facilities, not to mention a lively weekend club scene. All this is Tórshavn!

About Faroe Islands

A place truly unspoiled, unexplored and unbelievable
Home to mountains of myth, hobbit-like turf-roofed houses and grazing shaggy sheep, the Faroe Islands make up the perfect playground for the senses. They inexplicably unearth a soothing sound of stillness and a touch of rawness, only bettered by the taste of the freshest of air and the sight of sprawling landscapes in any direction. Few communities as small can boast of an equally vibrant art and music scene, while Faroese gastronomy has never been more highly thought of since a Faroese restaurant was awarded a Michelin star last year.

The Faroe Islands are not a destination that you can’t bend to your will. Every plan is in pencil. You are guaranteed nothing. It is the very unpredictability of everything that makes the Faroe Islands so truly special. Every time the clouds part, you’ll be struck by how impossibly blue the waters are. When the sun shines through a particularly thin bit of cloud, bathing the town in orange light, it is pure magic. And when the weather doesn’t go your way, spoiling the plans you were foolhardy enough to make, you’ll be compelled to return and roll the dice again.
Allison Green

Practical information

There are a few important things you should know about travelling to and in Faroe Islands.


By visiting, anyone can write a word or phrase that they would like to be translated from their language into Faroese. The text is immediately forwarded to Faroese volunteers who will open the video camera function on their mobile phone and record a video of the translation. This is then uploaded to the site to be viewed by the person who requested it.

Each video is also preserved in a database so that, if the same word or phrase is requested again, the stored translation will automatically be shown.

The Faroese volunteer who translates is picked at random. Everyone who speaks Faroese can help translate and local people have been encouraged to get involved in the campaign.

All translations are reviewed to make sure that they are appropriate.

Here you can find Online Courses.

Flights to Faroe Islands

There are  worldwide cities with direct flights to Faroe Islands. In September you can come from Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Paris and Edinburgh. The typical flight time from Iceland and Edinburgh is 1,5 hours,  2,15 hours to fly from Denmark, while it takes 2,50 hours from Paris. The airline to Faroe Islands is Atlantic Airways.

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How to dress for Faroe Islands

The weather in the Faroe Islands is unpredictable and ever-changing. It is, therefore, a good idea to pack a variety of clothing, suited to all sorts of weather (mostly cool-ish).

The absolute essentials to include in your wardrobe for the Faroe Islands are a sweater, a rainproof coat and sturdy walking shoes. Gloves or mittens are also a good idea. And while you’re at it, why not be a little optimistic and bring along sunglasses as well, you never know!