Exhibitor Stand Information

We will be using stand units from RECON in Akureyri.

Please also note that all Exhibitors at the Vestnorden Travel Mart shall have valid permits for their operation where such permits are applicable.
All exhibitors need to be provider of tourism.

Booth setup
– Basic –

Basic Setup included in exhibitor fee

Comes with a white back-wall that is 175cm width x 250 cm height


Size is 350cm width x 250 cm height, arm-lights and dividing walls on each side that 50 cm in width and 250 cm in height.

If you want to add to your basic booth and pay extra for a booth with blackout print or a backlit booth with print you can contact Aðalsteinn Sverrisson at RECON.

E-mail: adalsteinn@recon.is
Mobile: +354 690-0170

Booth setup
– Basic w/blackout print –

Booth with blackout print

Exhibitors can add a seamless blackout print for their basic booth that will cover the entire backwall (single or double). A single print for the backwall is always a more elegant finish that allows for an uninterrupted message on your backwall.

Price for print in a single booth: ISK 39.000
Price for print in a double booth: ISK 78.000

Booth setup
– Backlit w/print –

Backlit booth with print

Exhibitors can upgrade their booth from a basic booth to backlit version that gives the print material a much more vibrant feel to it. A backlit option is available in both single or double size booths. The backlit option also allows for a single seamless print but along with the backlighting will give your message the extra attention it deserves.

Price for backlit print in a single booth: ISK 44.500
Price for backlit print in a double booth: ISK 88.500

Please note that side walls indicated in the stand drawings on the Vestnorden website will be marked with booth numbers and branded by the show organizer.

They are therefor unusable for company branding purposes. 

The measurements for the backwall are:

Single sized booth: 1750mm width x 2496mm height
Double sized booth: 3466mm width x 2496mm height