VNTM 2017


List of venues during Vestnorden Travel Mart 2017

Hotel Hans Egede

September 18th-21st:

Hotel accommodation for buyers

September 20th:

Gala dinner and dance, 1. st. floor, 19:00-01:00

September 19th:

Conference, Vestnorden Country Presentation and Session, 1 st. floor, 08:30-12:00.
Lunch, 5 th floor, 12:15-13:15 (Except if lunch is incl. in your Colourful Nuuk Adventure)


September 18th:

Welcome Reception, 19:00-21:00

September 20th:

Lunch, 12:15-13:05


September 20th:

Trade show, 08:30-12:05 and 13:25-17:00

Inuk Hostels

Accommodation for Suppliers

Hotel Nordbo

Accommodation for Suppliers

Centerbo &
Nordbo Apartments

Accommodation for Suppliers

Sarfaq Ittuk
(Hotel ship)

Accommodation for Suppliers

Seamens Home

Accommodation for Suppliers

Venue: Katuaq

September 18th

Katuaq. Photo by: Daniel Gurrola

The welcome reception is held at Katuaq – Greenland’s Cultural Centre. Katuaq is a unique cultural venue in Nuuk, providing the public with excellent service and fantastic entertainment. Katuaq’s activities include large and small concerts to suit all tastes, theatre plays, exhibitions, films, lectures, talks and much more. Katuaq is also an excellent venue for conferences and meetings. The venue has its own very popular café, Cafétuaq, which serves hot and cold meals, coffee and drinks.

Venue: Hotel Hans Egede

September 19th
Morning session

Hotel Hans Egede. Photo by: Daniel Gurrola

The morning session on September 19th is held at Hotel Hans Egede, where the presentation on Transformational Travel, The Vestnorden Country presentations and Sessions take place. Hotel Hans Egede is a 156-room, 4-star hotel right in the center of Nuuk. The hotel offers two restaurants and a lounge on the fifth floor, all with a perfect view of the city and fjord. The 5-star Conference Center gives you the best of modern AV and presentation equipment with plenty of space and services for your next meeting or event.

Venue: Inussivik

September 20th
Trade show, B2B meetings

Inussivik. Photo by: Mads Pihl

The Trade Show and B2B meetings will be held at the Inussivik sports arena, located within walking distance from Hotel Hans Egede and downtown Nuuk. Inussivik is a multi-purpose sports arena which makes it suitable for a wide variety of sport events as well as other events, including concerts and trade shows. The Farewell dinner takes place at Hotel Hans Egede. The 5-star Conference Center is a perfect venue for large receptions such as the farewell dinner for VNTM.

Venue – more information


Inussivik was built in 2002, originally for the Arctic Winter Games (sports games for the youth from the Arctic region).

Inussivik is the largest sports arena in Greenland and hosts many of the Greenlandic Championships as well as International competitions in sports such as handball and futsal.

Inussivik has a total of 4,000 square meters and has a maximum capacity of 3,500 persons.

Inussivik. Photo by Hans Christian Sivertsen
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What and where

Floor Plan

The floorplan of the trade show area at Inussivik is an illustration of the set-up for the trade show area. The actual floorplan will be shown after the registration deadline when the booths are assigned to specified companies.

Monday September 18th

Accreditation for all participants at the Hotel Hans Egede lobby 08.00-17.00.

Tuesday September 19th

Trade-show set-up at Inussivik for suppliers 16.00-20.00.

Download the list below in order to see where your stand is placed. 

Wednesday September 20th

B2B meetings between suppliers and buyers all day at Inussivik. The B2B meetings begin at 8.30 and continues until 17.00. Each participant has a maximum of 20 B2B meetings. Dismantling of your material, roll ups etc. at the booth between 17.00 and 18.00.



The booths vary in sizes depending on whether your company has 1 or 2, 3 or 4 persons registered at the booth. The side walls of a booth do not go to the end of a booth, but only halfway to give a sense of openness. This means that a booth for 1 or 2 suppliers has a size of 1 x 3 meter with a total of 6 sq meters allocated to the booth area. A booth with 3 or 4 suppliers has a booth size of 1 x 6 meter with a total of 12 sq meters allocated to the booth area. See the booths illustration here.

Greenland & Faroe Islands

Single Booth

Greenland and Faroe Islands
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Double Booth

Greenland and Faroe Islands
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Single Booth

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Double Booth

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