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Exhibitor Stand Information

We will be using stand units from RECON in Akureyri.

Booth setup
– Basic –

Basic Setup included in exhibitor fee

Comes with a white backwall that is either 175cm width x 250 cm height (for a single booth for 1-2pers)
350cm width x 250 cm height (for a double booth for 3-4pers), armlights and dividing walls on each side that 50 cm in width and 250 cm in height.

If you want to add to your basic booth and pay extra for a booth with blackout print or a backlit booth with print you can contact Aðalsteinn Sverrisson at RECON.

E-mail: adalsteinn@recon.is
Mobile: +354 690-0170

Booth setup
– Basic w/blackout print –

Booth with blackout print

Exhibitors can add a seamless blackout print for their basic booth that will cover the entire backwall (single or double). A single print for the backwall is always a more elegant finish that allows for an uninterrupted message on your backwall.

Price for print in a single booth: ISK 39.000
Price for print in a double booth: ISK 78.000

Booth setup
– Backlit w/print –

Backlit booth with print

Exhibitors can upgrade their booth from a basic booth to backlit version that gives the print material a much more vibrant feel to it. A backlit option is available in both single or double size booths. The backlit option also allows for a single seamless print but along with the backlighting will give your message the extra attention it deserves.

Price for backlit print in a single booth: ISK 44.500
Price for backlit print in a double booth: ISK 88.500