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Vestnorden Travel Mart

 The travel trade show for Iceland, Greenland and The Faroe Islands

Akureyri, Iceland – October 2 – 4 2018


Welcome to

Vestnorden Travel Mart in Akureyri, Iceland 2018

Dear participants,

We are a proud host this year’s Vestnorden Travel Mart in Akureyri, Iceland. This event is the most important business-to-business trade show in the North Atlantic region, and highlights the characteristics of the three nations, The Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland and gathers number of buyers and exhibitors each year.

The goal for the Vestnorden Travel Mart is to establish new travel trade opportunities as well as reinforcing established relationships with the key actors in the tourism field of the three destinations. As such, the trade show offers you an extensive professional introduction to the products whether you seek a unique natural, cultural or adventure experiences.

Every other year Iceland hosts the Vestnorden Travel Mart and we take a great pride in showcasing the best of what Icelandic tourism trade has to offer. We see the trade show as a valuable venue each year for suppliers of the three destinations as well as the buyers to connect with new contacts and businesses and strengthen the ties with the three countries.

On behalf of the three countries it is my pleasure to welcome you to Vestnorden Travel Mart 2018 in Akureyri, Iceland.

Inga Hlín Pálsdóttir
NATA board member
Director, Visit Iceland and Creative Industries


Vestnorden Travel Mart

VNTM is the annual trade show for tourism in the West Nordic countries – Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. VNTM has been the main platform for promoting this astonishing region as a tourist destination since its establishment in 1986.


North Atlantic Tourism Association (NATA)

NATA is an organization that promotes and supports cooperation in tourism for the West Nordic countries. NATA is responsible for holding VNTM, while the hosting and management of the event rotates annually between the three countries (with Iceland hosting every second year). NATA provides opportunities and grants for collaborations, joint ventures and cultural exchanges within the region.

For more information, please visit NATA’s website.

List of

Buyers & Suppliers

At Vestnorden Travel Mart you will you have the opportunity to network with providers who are supplying tourist products and services in Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, and buyers who are highly enthusiastic about the West Nordic region.

Read about

Pre & Post tours

Experiencing the destinations first hand is important to understand what the destinations have to offer. The tradition is that the hosting country offers pre-tours and the two other countries are offering post-tours. Read more about them.

The West Nordic Region

Three astonishing countries

The West Nordic region is one of the world’s most inspiring destinations, offering three astonishing countries: Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Each country has its own character, culture, traditions and history, but they share incredible nature, a warm welcome and an unlimited range of things to see and do.

The West Nordic region is something special. Situated in the North Atlantic, the area’s geographical remoteness has preserved an authentic world of wonderful cultural traditions and natural phenomena.

It’s a region full of things to discover. The adventures are awaiting.

Iceland A – Ö

The seven regions of Iceland


There is something magical about the Westfjords, the region that could arguably be labelled “Iceland’s best kept secret.” Isolation has preserved the region in a relatively unspoiled wilderness, making it a must-see for any serious explorers.



It’s all about beautiful contrasts in the North, a land where long valleys and peninsulas are interspersed with big mountains, lava fields and smooth hills carved out by powerful rivers. Go big or go home!



If drifting through picturesque fjords from one warm town to the next is your cup of tea, head to the East. It is home to the country’s largest forest, lush farmlands and even the mysterious lake monster in Lagarfljot.



What’s so cool about Reykjanes? Not only is it where most visitors set foot in, a geothermal wonder and the home of the spectacular Blue Lagoon, but also a place where lighthouses outnumber villages.



If the regions were pop songs, the South would probably be the chart-topping hit, since it is renowned for its beauty and the home of the country’s most visited tourist attractions.



Looking for a crash course in Iceland? Head to the West, since you’ll find a little bit of everything there. It’s a world where diverse nature, culture and history complement each other, creating a unique experience.



Reykjavík is the natural starting point for any visit to Iceland, and not undeservedly so. The capital is world-renowned for its culture, history and natural beauty on all fronts.


The hardest karaoke song in the world

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Sing along with Steindi and share your attempt with us on social media.
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Vestnorden Travel Mart

And that's a wrap! The organisers of Vestnorden Travel Mart thank you for joining us in Nuuk this year. We hope that many worthwhile connections were created and/or developed.

See you October 2-4 2018 in Akureyri, Iceland!
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And thats a wrap! The organisers of Vestnorden Travel Mart thank you for joining us in Nuuk this year. We hope that many worthwhile connections were created and/or developed. 

See you October 2-4 2018 in Akureyri, Iceland!


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Great Visit Greenland team and "our" totally helpful and service minded students 👌👍

De var helt fantastiske 👍🇬🇱


Vestnorden Travel Mart

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Vestnorden Travel Mart

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